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Supporting Local Dancers

Marilyn and Jocelyn simply love taking care of their customers from the worlds of dance, gymnastics, cheer, aerial, ice skating, pole dancing & performance groups, Mad Mia lovers, gym lovers,  Drag Queens and those who love our simply beautiful gift ware and children’s products.
With decades of experience as both dancers themselves (Marilyn still attends weekly dance classes) and dance parents, their knowledge of what dancers need, expert fitting of shoes and going the extra mile for customers is what they are well known for.
Their knowledge of what each of the different, local studios prefer in uniforms and brands, the way that each teacher prefers shoes to fit and an understanding the demands of the dance studio calendar ensures confidence in both dancers, parents and teacher.
Dedicated to their mission of customer care, they go the ‘extra mile’ to take care of each and every person who graces their store and happily work with our ‘out of town’ customers over the phone or even via Facetime, to ensure that they have what their dancer needs.
If you haven’t experienced absolutely the best in customer service yet, we’d love to invite you to come into our store where you will be warmly welcomed and your every need taken care of.


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We only sell superior dance products we can stand behind. View our collection and if you have any questions at all get in touch.