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Shoozies – Red


Shoozies can be used to cover all types of dance shoes, including tap, jazz, ballet and pointe shoes.   Wear your dance shoes to and from class without damaging them.  Keep your shoes protected while stored in your dance bag.  Reduce the sound of your tap shoes when walking on hard flooring.  Fantastic for use at eisteddfods and dance concerts for minimising tap noise and protecting dance shoes.

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Shoozies Fitting Guide:

Shoozies are available in six different sizes,  19cm, 21cm,22cm, 24cm, 27cm and 28cm.

Shoozies are covers to fit over dance shoes – they need to be larger than the shoe they are covering, but should still fit snugly so they do not slip off.  The size of Shoozies required for Tap shoes is likely to be different from those required for Jazz, Ballet or Pointe shoes.

Use the sole measurement of your dance shoes to help select the correct size of Shoozies.

Pointe, Ballet and Jazz Shoes:

Measure the shoe to be covered from toe to heel along the longest point whilst the shoe is being worn.  Ensure you measure from the tip of the big toe to the back of the heel.

Find the Shoozie size that is closest in length to the sole measurement.  Shoozies can be up to 1.5 cm longer than the dance shoe sole measurement.

Tap Shoes:

Measure the shoe to be covered from toe to heel along the longest point.

Find the Shoozie that is 2-3cm longer than the shoe measurement.  Check the maximum sole measurement for each size Shoozie to ensure you are selecting the right size.

Caring for your Shoozies:

Shoozies can be hand washed and should be dried in the shade.Shoozies are not intended for persistent use on rough surfaces – they are designed for indoor use at dance studios, competitions and performances and for travelling to and from these venues.

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19cm, 21cm, 22cm, 24cm, 27cm, 28cm